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Icona Condo Vaughan At first I thought it a miracle. But in any case, to avoid unpleasant surprises, you should have a complete idea of the condition of the apartment. Well, another option is to purchase real estate with the help of mortgage lending. How to buy a house we'll talk another time, but today I'd like to elaborate on the topic of how to sell the apartment and how to sell the apartment without Agency assistance. The main question, but why the need to sell the apartment without a realtor, we will discuss some other article.


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First of all, this is a buy for the money that you have available. Any psychological and psychiatric examination is able to determine the health of the seller at the time of signing the contract (even after death - according to medical documents and testimony). The new owner can not fully use the apartment to pay the full amount. And then sell without hits with significant discounts, or showing during the temporary departure of the owners on vacation or a business trip. Now tips on how to properly sell the apartment itself.